Welcome to my special collection

Vintage Victoriana embraces the glamour of Joseff of Hollywood and the mysterious beauty of the Far East .

I also have a special interest and passion for Japanese woven textiles, hand painted and printed silks with a large selection of beautiful kimonos available that can be worn over any outfit with ease.

These fabulous eras of design are the main inspiration for my  Miss Julia handmade upcycled vintage fabric shoulder and crossbody bags.

As an avid collector of vintage textiles, buttons and fabric I use a wide selection of gorgeous thick cheniles, tapestries, printed kimono silks and woven Japanese obi belts to create seasonal ranges of one off unique bags suitable for everyday use and special occasions.

Each bag is handmade with great attention to detail, from fabric choice, designing and construction to the hand finishing and button fastening ensuring a high quality product and a beautiful bag for life!

I believe my designs give new life to all these lush fabrics creating a new story in the form of a bag infusing a modern twist with a nod to the glamor years!

If you would like to order a bespoke item or would like to see more pictures of any of my collection please use the contact page.

I hope you enjoy my collection